S1 E1 The Three-Legged Elephant Publishing Co
Originally from Denver Colorado, Malcolm has lived on both coasts. He loves motorcycles, cars, pretty much anything with an engine and wheels. He is a semi-retired class A welder/mechanic. Tired of working for others and being a natural born hands-on person, he opened a car repair service in Colorado that ventured went well and paid bills until he got tired of hiding dirty finger nails every time he was away from the shop. Until he discovered writing, his favorite thing to do was to fix, repair and tinker with any kind of mechanical gadget. He has built several high-performance motorcycles and restored classic cars, then one day he woke up and said "I’m going to reinvent myself". Malcom took some time off and wrote his first published novel, sold everything and moved to California. Soon after he moved across the nation and published his second novel and his first children’s book.
While launching The Three-Legged Elephant Publishing Co., Malcolm joined the Screen Actors Guild as an actor and was honored with a nomination in the Best Supporting Role category at the Softies Short Film Awards. He is in the process of filming his first movie based on his book "One Way In No Way Out". 
www.three-leggedelephant.com                        www.mannwalker.com
S1 E2 GTM Villages LLC & Absoluut Structure Management LLC
Sandra Lee has been in business for 19 years, riding the ups and downs of being a small business owner. In the beginning she had to do everything, and at that time, as a single parent with 2 children, pregnant with a 3rd.
Sandra has a certificate in construction management and knows how to tile floors, lay carpet, change door locks, Sheetrock, paint, etc. She's cut grass, climb up on roofs, and many other activities one would not think necessary to run a business and has  gained so much knowledge in many areas since the inception of the business.
In addition to the Construction Management Certificate, she has a BA in International Relations and Spanish, and holds an MBA I’m Marketing and International Business from Pace University. She's fluent in English and Spanish, and can speak some French, Italian, Portuguese, and Hebrew, with Spanish being a very significant asset to the business.
She has one of the best and most thorough leases in the industry, something she has revised and added to year after year.
As a result of having to know so much about construction, repairs, etc., she opened and runs a small Construction Management business, Absoluut Structure Management, LLC. It has been in operation for 9 years. In this business.
Sandra has a background as a Securities and Exchange Commission-licensed Investment Banker VP and licensed Financial Planner.
S1 E3 Determined To Learn & Develop Enterprises (DLD)
Donald L. Dowridge, Jr. is the founder of DLD (Determined to Learn and Develop) Enterprises.
This Black Own Motivational Consulting Company was established in 1992. In 1996 after becoming the 
First Black Manager at the U. S. Post Office here in Tampa, Florida, and at the mere age of 39, Donald retired 
and went full time with DLD.
Since the inception  DLD has inspired & motivated thousands of lives over the 28 year course of this journey.
To add, "14 Books were written with the 13th book (THE POWER OF BEING A WINNER) landing on 
Barnes & Nobles Self - Help List at Number #1. The current book "MOTIVATIONAL MOMENTS" debuted
on Thanksgiving Day 2019. 
Lastly, for the last 11 years it has been a Blessing to travel the country as "FREDERICK DOUGLASS"  
to raved reviews.
DLD (especially in our current climate) is Determined to Learn and Develop many within their lives, whether through 
Speaking, Literature. or Acting! 
For more information on DLD, you are invited to visit our website at http://www.dldenterprises.org, 
Facebook Page at Donald L. Dowridge, Jr. as "FREDERICK DOUGLASS." 
Also visit us at LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram, and of course you can simply Google DLD Enterprises. 
S1 E4 • Quote The Culture
Valerie Thomas is an Education based Project Manager living in Atlanta, Georgia. As the owner of Quote the Culture, LLC, Valerie is also an education blogger and consultant. She
believes that paying homage to the ancestors is the highest form of praise. Most of the journals in her series, HipHopIsms are nods to the ancestors of both literature and music. HipHopIsms are phrases from songs, movies, memes, or Black authors that have inspired the culture. A few of the journals include positive affirmations for daily meditation.
Valerie is also the founder of a popular blog, Teach Them Hope. The blog is centered on the idea that students need strong educators and a healthy dose of hope in order to excel! Valerie, an adjunct professor for over 12 years, worked music and specifically hip hop into each of her courses. By exploring this form of popular culture, Valerie feels that this line of
journals will inspire positive conversations and encourage more people to “Quote the Culture”.
Valerie is a proud alumna of both Howard University and Columbia University. Also, a true daughter of the south, Valerie is a native of Georgia and a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Get connected with Valerie and Quote The Culture:
Instagram: @HipHopIsms 
Etsy: HipHopIsms
Blog (Education) www.teachthemhope.com
Twitter: @teachthemhope

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