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We at Onest TV value longterm relationships with our sponsors and devote ourselves to providing the most value. The sponsor package below is built upon studies, research and our intention to offer the best value we possibly can. Please review the offer and book a seat at the LIVE intimate sponsor chat to find out the details and pricing. Special pricing is offered to the companies who have been featured on or are already affiliated with Onest TV Network. We can offer only a LIMITED NUMBER of sponsor spots this time in order to give special attention to each sponsor.
Worldwide Virtual Fundraising Gala dedicated to Stop Asian Hate • May 1st 2021
Official Sponsor Package - Longterm Promotion
Virtual Fundraising Gala dedicated to Stop Asian Hate will be broadcasted and streamed live on Onest TV website, Facebook and Youtube. 
The program including all advertisements and features will be broadcasted multiple times LIVE on Onest TV Network in Europe and North America on Roku in the summer of 2021 and will be thereafter available on-demand on Roku, social media and Onest TV website.
Statistics to be provided in Sponsor Chat - book your seat now!
Exclusive Promotion
  • 5 x 30 sec ads placed in-between LIVE programming
  • your company logo visible on screen throughout the 2.5-3 hour program
  • individual interview with the founder incorporated into the programming
  • special shoutouts to you as an official sponsor of the event by our host
  • mention in "this program is sponsored by" as we introduce our artists
  • social media shoutouts on Onest TV social media prior to the event and after (regular posts, reels, stories on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube shorts), altogether 4 posts and a LIVEstream 
  • all ads and promotions included in TV broadcast and replays in Europe & North America
  • all ads and promotions included through on-demand replays
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